Some see the Disabilities...



 Vasso Rowbottom

is the Director/Facilitator of the AASI INNOVATIVE CENTRE. With 20 years of experience, including specialized training in the Distributed learning style and Special Education fields, Vasso is dedicated to creating innovative ways that focus on the abilities of each child.

 You will find Vasso hands-on at the Centre, facilitating activities with the children, organizing field trips, and finding more ways to make the Innovative Centre an encouraging, engaging, learning and growing environment.  

With her own first-hand experience as a Mother to a son on the Autism Spectrum, Vasso understands the unique challenges but extraordinary giftings of children on the Spectrum. She finds great joy in serving the families who come to the Centre.

DeeDee Koscielny

is the business consultant of the AASI INNOVATIVE CENTRE. She is in the background bringing her professional, 

financial business experience to the team.

 William Rowbottom  is the art instructor and part of the Support Team at the AASI INNOVATIVE CENTRE. You will find him teaching art techniques hands-on with the students and weekly group activities. Twice a winner with Robert Bateman Get to Know program, William has skill and a passion for art and teaching others to appreciate it.

Support Staff 

who are on location to provide services


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