You have to see beyond the disability and look for each child's unique talents, interests, and strengths. Each one is gifted in a special way and it's our job to find out where!




We realize the value and need of children having one-on-one time with the class instructor. Each of our programs are designed with a small-class feel.

Your child will enjoy the laid-back approach to learning art, cooking a meal, participating in fine motor exercises, or participating in group field trips.

Creative Thinking

Our activities, programs, and field trips are each unique, and make our participants think outside-of-the-box.

We want to develop creative, critical thinking children.

From our art classes to our fine/gross motor skills activities, we want your child to not only grow, but think creatively (while having fun!)

Specialized Programs

Our programs are designed to give each child an opportunity to grow academically and socially. Each program is hands-on focussed, facilitated by mentors who have first-hand experience with special needs/learning diffiuculties

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